1776 Was More About Representation than Taxation

The NBER Digest — National Bureau of Economic Research

"The political underpinnings of the American Revolution have been discussed and debated for more than two hundred years, and there are multiple explanations of the causes and multiple analyses of the revolutionary dynamic. One question about the revolution that has remained difficult to answer is why, if a little representation in Parliament could have prevented a war for independence, did King George III not grant it?"


Open Ticket — Medium

"I’d leave the house at 10PM, arrive around 11, then dance until I couldn’t anymore. Frequently, I’d walk out into the gray light of dawn, and would join people on the subway who were heading to work. I’d wear silk pajamas to the club, so I could crawl right into bed when I got home."

Would Our Lives Be Different If the ERA Hadn't Been Defeated?

Dame Magazine

"We still need the ERA, as a guarantee of the rights we’ve gained, and as a tool to further expand rights, but significant progress was achieved without it. The ratification of the ERA would not be merely a symbolic gesture, but Schlafly’s defeat of it was."

Yes, Hillary's Nomination For President Really Is a Big Effin' Deal

Dame Magazine

"Women engage in war planning and violent engagements. They now serve (openly) as soldiers. They are police officers, and doctors, and heads of state. They make the hard choices that only men used to get the opportunity to make. We lose the option to be innocent and unsullied if we choose to engage in the world. That is the trade-off."

Katy Perry, Showing My Daughter That Breasts Can Be Fun

New York Times, Motherlode 

"Katy seems surprised and delighted by the body she has, and the things she can make it do. 'Look at these breasts I have! Aren’t they fun and kind of crazy? I’m going to shoot fireworks out of them now.'”

Consent of the Governed

Speech from the Massachusetts Rally Against the War on Women

"When we talk about the American Revolution, we tend to focus on the battles, and the whites of their eyes. We're less keen to discuss all the meetings the people building our country had to attend. Tedious meetings that went on for hours and hours over the course of YEARS while people bickered over the wording of every document produced."

A Wonderful Surprise

Huffington Post -Guest Post on Rebecca Walker's blog

"We had been thinking of getting married for a while, but in a theoretical, 'wouldn't it be nice' way. The cells rapidly dividing in my abdomen made the plans urgent and tangible."


Movie reviews for Neal Pollack's Offsprung


Every once in a while, I deliver a sermon. 

All Men Would Be Tyrants

Delivered August 21, 2016, at the First Church of Belmont, Unitarian-Universalist

"There is still forbidden fruit to be plucked from the trees."

A Room to Swear In

Adapted from my 2001 sermon, Weaving. Delivered at the First Parish in Belmont, Massachusetts, Unitarian Universalist on August 9, 2015

"In this country, some of us get to be White. Which has been primarily defined as being 'not Black.' There were rules we’ve had to follow since the Jazz Age: we don’t have rhythm, we don’t dance 'dirty', we clap on the 1 and 3 instead of the 2 and 4. But the White clothes get itchy and they don’t always fit right. Little Richard sold more records than Pat Boone, Elvis’ pelvis was still moving beneath the edge of the TV screen, white girls were carried out of Beatles concerts on stretchers, weak from syncopation and sex appeal."