After the Tour

Thanks again for joining me on the SHE THE PEOPLE tour! Like the book, the tour is meant as a launching off experience that leads to further research and exploration.

With that in mind, here are some links to additional resources to help you with any questions or fascinations the tour might have awakened in you.

First of all, I owe an incredible amount to the Boston Women’s Heritage Trail whose work over the years made my work easier. They offer a wide array of walking tours that are go more deeply into different subjects than I get to on my more generalized tour. There are also self guided tours available on their websites as well as books to buy. Do check it out:

For additional reading, I’ve embedded my She the People Goodreads bookshelf on this page, but you can also view it directly on Goodreads:

Recommended Reading:
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Here is some additional online reading about some of the subjects covered during the tour:

Ruby Foo and her famous restaurants:

Goody Glover and her conviction as a witch:

Anne Whitney, and the Sumner statue controversy:

Methunion Manor and the history of housing & busing in Boston:

The Harriet Tubman House:

I’ll be adding to this page as I go, but you can also contact me with any questions:

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— Jen

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