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I occasionally make appearances on Greater Boston,  a local news show on Boston's public television station, WGBH.

It's a great opportunity to add to the discussion around current events.

Print Media

SHE THE PEOPLE: Author Jen Deaderick tells both a political and social story
Martha’s Vineyard Times — Abby Remer — June 12, 2019

“It’s hard to decide where to begin discussing Jen Deaderick’s fascinating, thoroughly accessible, and compelling book, ‘She the People.’ That’s not the entire title, the rest of it is long — something that editors don’t typically want. But for this book, it’s absolutely necessary in order to get a handle on the delicious political and social story: ‘A Graphic History of Uprisings, Breakdowns, Setbacks, Revolts, and Enduring Hope on the Unfinished Road to Women’s Equality.’”

WomensHistoryReads interview: Jen Deaderick
Greer MacAllister — March 20, 2019

“I couldn’t resist inviting historian Jen Deaderick to the blog to talk about her new book SHE THE PEOPLE, an illustrated history so necessary, Hillary Clinton herself took to Instagram to offer congrats. (Personally, my heart beat faster when I saw the comment, and it’s not even my book!)”

SHE THE PEOPLE is the Feminist History 2019 Needs
FanGirlNation — Victoria Irwin — February 17, 2019

“Jen Deaderick does a killer job of addressing the history of women in the United States and makes a solid case for the ERA. I hope that in my lifetime, we get this bill officially ratified. The book definitely has a feminist liberal slant, but I’m here for it.”

The Equal Rights Amendment Is Suddenly Within Reach. Does It Matter?
Elle - Sady Doyle - June 1, 2018

“But in 2018, the dread changes that Schlafly foresaw—in the words of ERA historian Jen Deaderick, she promised ‘shared bathrooms and homosexual marriage and women being drafted,’ plus a futuristic dystopia in which middle-class women worked outside the home—have pretty much come to pass.”

The ERA Is Back
Slate - Dahlia Lithwick - April 23, 2018

"I recently spoke with Jen Deaderick, who is writing a history of the ERA and runs the Equal Rights Amendment page on Facebook. During the course of our conversation, which has been edited and condensed for clarity, we discussed why this is the perfect political moment for women organizers and candidates to mobilize around passage of the ERA."

These Are the Most Peculiar Things Donald Trump Does When He Eats at a Restaurant
Culture Cheat Sheet - Barri Segal - April 17, 2018

“Apparently, writer Jen Deaderick — who took to Twitter to talk about it — had a roommate who was a pastry chef at a restaurant where Trump ate.”

This Woman Accidentally Got Texts From Someone Else's Nana & Now They're BFFs
Refinery29 - May 17, 2017

"Early this morning, Jen Deaderick got a text from a woman named Opal who "sang" her a Happy Birthday. The problem was, it's not Deaderick's birthday and she doesn't know Opal."

Grandma Sends Text To Wrong Person And Becomes ‘Adopted Nana’
ScaryMommy - May 17, 2017

"While most people would have left it at that, Deaderick felt compelled to respond further."

Porter Square Books promotes civic-engagement in Trump era
Boston Globe - March 3, 2017

"The inaugural event was last Sunday, with Jen Deaderick, a Cambridge writer who founded the Equal Rights Amendment page on Facebook. She led a workshop on postcard-writing to representatives."

Making Kids Feel Safe in a Trump World Isn’t Easy
The Cut — Nov 12, 2016

“Making daughters feel safe in a Trump world, though, isn’t easy. Jen Deaderick and her 12-year-old daughter were canvassing for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire last weekend when a man yelled ‘I’ll grab your pussies!’ at Jen’s daughter and their friend as they held up Hillary signs. ‘She knows it’s connected to Trump,’ says Deaderick, who lives outside of Boston.”

Martha Plimpton Is Obsessed With "Westworld," Winston Churchill
W - Nov 6, 2016

"Favorite social media accounts to follow: Patton Oswalt and his brother Matt, Charles Pierce, Jamelle Bouie, Jamil Smith, Ashley Nicole Black, Amanda Duarte, Lindy West, Kirsten West Savali, Gina Loukareas, Jen Deaderick, Katha Pollitt, Jill Filipovic, and Laura Hillenbrand on any platform."

Here's Some Donald Trump Gossip That We Desperately Want To Be True
Deadspin - Oct 6, 2016

"Writer Jen Deaderick thankfully decided yesterday to share a story that had been recounted to her by a former roommate. It is, perhaps, the most perfect Trump gossip I’ve ever heard."

CONFIRMED: Donald Trump Has Awful Taste in Food
Thrillist - Oct 6, 2016

"A hilarious, unconfirmed story about Trump eating at one of his own restaurants has surfaced online and it may be the cherubic angel atop the Christmas tree of Trump food stories."

As Clinton makes history, parents and daughters savour the moment
Globe & Mail - June 10, 2016

"As Ms. Clinton declared her status as the presumptive Democratic nominee, some parents saw the event through the lens of a long arc of advances and defeats. Jen Deaderick, 45, watched the speech with her 11-year old daughter Rosie and her 73-year old mother, Ann Butler, in their home in Cambridge, Massachusetts."

What Apple Users Want
RocketFarm Studios — Sept 22, 2014

“Perhaps this Twitter user said it best when, during the iPhone 6 launch event, she tweeted, ‘Jen Deaderick: My iPhone 5 looks so ashamed now that it knows how lame it is. #AppleEvent’”

Writers retreat to Storyville
Boston Globe - May 4, 2014

"From left: Chris Castellani, artistic director of GrubStreet, Taryn Roeder of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and writer Jen Deaderick at Storyville."

Democrat Juliette Kayyem ponders run for governor
Boston Globe - Aug 20, 2013

"Jen Deaderick, who also attended the event, called Kayyem 'very approachable and friendly and nerdy' in a positive way. But, Deaderick said, 'she’s not totally a politician. She’s still figuring that part out.'"

Has Chipotle's Twitter Account Been Hacked?
Mashable - July 21, 2013

"Jen Deaderick: So, the person who does the @ChipotleTweets account is staying at their parents' place this weekend, and is showing them Twitter?"

National Rallies Highlight Women's Rights
The Heights - May 2, 2012

"...and Jen Deaderick, a writer in Cambridge who founded the Equal Rights Amendment page on Facebook and hashtag on Twitter, Usethe19th"

Long After Women's History Month, #UseThe19th
Hello Ladies - March 31, 2012

"Jen Deaderick, a writer and creator of the Equal Rights Amendment Facebook page, understands this.  At the beginning of the month, she started the #UseThe19th social media campaign along with journalists Dahlia Lithwick, Lizzie Skurnick, and Rebecca Traister, to encourage women to use one of the most powerful tools we possess – the ability to vote."

Suffrage in the Age of the Hashtag
The Atlantic: Health - March 23, 2012

"Such was the environment when Jen Deaderick decided to fix things. Or rather, to mobilize women to fix things, using a power they already have. 'The simplest thing for women to do isn't to march, or boycott,' she said. 'It's to vote. To use their hard-fought right to make change.'" 

Facebook Following Grows
Old Sturbridge Village Visitor - Spring, 2010
(PDF, p16)

"The OSV Facebook page was started by Boston-area visitor Jen Deaderick, who enjoyed field trips to OSV as a child. "

Ann Leary's Latest: War Of Words--Make It Tweets
Litchfield County Times - April 8, 2010

"Massachusetts author Jen Deaderick, one of Mrs. Leary's then 900-plus Twitter followers, but otherwise a complete stranger, cattily antagonized actor/comedian Denis Leary's wife"

Timothy Hutton: Literary Sex God
The Daily Beast - January 19, 2010

"Jen Deaderick, a Boston writer who rivals Klam for frequency of Hutton-related tweets"

Tweet. Tweet. Twitter for Beginners
EY Studios - July, 2009

"Just ask Jen Deaderick, of Cambridge, MA, who used Twitter to promote the grand opening of her new restaurant, Tupelo, and was blessed with a full house on opening night"

Tweets' on the menu are a sweet deal
Boston Globe - June 29, 2009

"On Dec. 2, computer consultant Jen Deaderick got on the social-networking site Twitter and posted: 'Tupelo02139 is preparing'. It was her first missive, or tweet, on behalf of the Cambridge restaurant Tupelo, where her husband is a chef."

Bostonist: Tupelo and Sip Cafe now open
We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live - April 25, 2009

"Impressed by the speed of their reaction, I direct-messaged Tupelo for more information, and found out that the voice behind Tupelo's Twitter feed is Jen Deaderick, the wife of Tupelo's opening chef"

Southern Comfort: Tupelo Opens in Inman Square
Bostonist - April 23, 2009

"Jen Deaderick, Layman's charming wife, has been manning the Twitter feed for the restaurant as @tupelo02139, with endearing updates like this one: 'So many loose ends, so few days. We do have fabulous new chairs, and there will definitely be gumbo. What more do you need?'"