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My degree in acting from Emerson College, and my years of stand-up comedy experience, give me a comfort level talking in front of people that not everyone has.

I love the opportunities I get to be part of conversations on the issues of the day, and I still love to create occasional videos on my own.

Greater Boston — WGBH — July 15, 2019

ICE Raids, Trump’s (Latest) Racist Tweets, and Democratic In-Fighting

Greater Boston — WGBH — April 3, 2018

Is A Second Act Possible For #MeToo Offenders?
With Dr. Tina Opie and host Jim Braude discussing whether a "second act" is possible for #MeToo offenders.

Greater Boston — WGBH — January 16, 2018

Aziz Ansari Sexual Misconduct Allegation Pits Feminist Against Feminist
With Dr. Tina Opie and host Jim Braude discussing the complicated issues that arose after sexual misconduct allegations against Aziz Ansari.

Greater BostonWGBH — December 19, 2017

With Dr. Tina Opie and host Adam Reilly discussing the backlash to Matt Damon's comments about the #MeToo movement.

#TweetThis! - April 3, 2013

A night discussing social media at Brookline Access Television (Now Brookline Interactive Group). I hosted the first panel: Twitter as a Public Service.

What My Tweets Sound Like - March 26, 2010

A brief video in which I reassure Kevin Avery that I do not sound like Kermit the Frog.