For over a decade, I've been helping clients create websites and build social media presence.

I primarily build sites in Squarespace, to take advantage of their easy and clean integration features, but I am willing to be flexible. I've worked in WordPress, and have a familiarity with CSS and HTML.

As an early user of Facebook, and then Twitter, I acquired experience and skills that I have used to promote ideas, projects, and causes that were personally important to me, and have assisted others in increasing their reach and honing their message. Sometimes this involved sitting down with them for an hour or two to sketch out ways they could improve their outreach. Other times, I have worked with clients to build social media campaigns from scratch.

My work as a professional writer makes me well suited to content generation. I can write everything from a tweet to a biography. I spend time getting to know about my clients — their work, their style, their goals, and their background — so the content I write is personal and specific.

I'm a quick study. I've always told my students & clients that the most important thing to learn about software is how to learn about software. You always have to be ready to give up what you're used to, and start using something unfamiliar. I'm good at that. 

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