I’ve had so much fun talking with groups about my book, and I’m so fond of walking around Boston and Cambridge, I figured I might as well combine the two things.

Though SHE THE PEOPLE is, of course, about the whole United States, so much of it was inspired by the history that surrounds me on a daily basis.

I’m currently offering two tours, each lasting approximately two hours and covering two miles. There are amble opportunities for bathroom breaks and a scheduled beverage opportunity halfway through.

I hope to make my tours as accessible as possible. There’s an opportunity when registering to let me know what accommodations you might need.

The tours can be done as stand-alone experiences, but are also complementary, so it might be worth it to book them both.

Click on the tour of your choice to see available times.

If your group is interested in an individualized tour, contact me directly to arrange something that suits you:

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