SHE THE PEOPLE Boston Walking Tour

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SHE THE PEOPLE Boston Walking Tour

from 15.00

With stops at places referred to in my book, SHE THE PEOPLE, or related to people I discuss, this walking tour gives a sense of the layers of women’s history in Boston, from before 1776 to now.

The current dates available are:

Sat, June 29 - 10AM
Sat, July 6 - 10AM (♿️ Wheelchair Friendly)
Sun, July 14 - 10AM

$15 per person
$30 with signed copy of

with book?:
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The tour is approximately a mile and a half, and takes about two hours. As this is still in an introductory phase, I’m just offering just this one one tour. I will later offer a Cambridge tour, and an expanded, combined tour.

I’m also planning to make all my tours as accessible as possible, and will be working with consultants to do that. Let me know on the registration form if you need any accommodations, and I can work with you to see how things can be adapted.