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You don't need me to tell you that social media is important.

News, politics, commerce, social interaction, and most other aspects of our daily lives flow through social media. It is not essential that a person be part of social media, but it can be isolating to not be in the swim.

The trick is figuring out where you, or your organization, belong. Social media work can take up a lot of time. What is the most efficient use of that time, where would your message be best heard, and what should that message be?

Let me help you answer those questions, and any others you might have.

Jen is a social media super hero. She immersed herself in our business and industry to successfully launch and execute our social media programs. She is eloquent and expert across the spectrum - Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, viral marketing, and more. She knows the nuances of nurturing and growing followers in each channel and is strong at keeping herself and us organized. Jen is a delight to work with, and I look forward to doing so again.
— Ashley Serotta, Vice President, Digital Marketing and Ecommerce at Living Proof, Inc.
Photo by Elizabeth Jane Liss

Photo by Elizabeth Jane Liss


Examples of my work:

I founded the Equal Rights Amendment Facebook page in 2008 to increase awareness of some of our country's unfinished business. It now has over 50,000 fans. I've had to add co-admins to keep up with the traffic…and the trolls. We've had posts that were shared over four million times, and we attract lively discussions.

To complement this work, I am currently writing a graphic novel history of the ERA and women's citizenship in the US in general.

In the wake of some disturbing statements on reproductive rights from politicians, along with egregious proposed restrictions, I invented the #UseThe19th hashtag to encourage women to vote in the 2012 election. It launched on March 1, 2012 with even more enthusiasm than I had hoped, and continued to be popular through that November.

Read more about it in the Atlantic — Suffrage in the Age of the Hashtag

Old Sturbridge Village

Lovely article in the Spring 2010 issue of the Old Sturbridge Village Visitor about the OSV Facebook page.

I first appreciated the power of Facebook when I founded a fan page for Old Sturbridge Village in 2008. Though I started it as a lark, it became immensely popular as a place for serious fans to exchange stories, and alert each other to upcoming events. Within months, Old Sturbridge Village sought me out to thank me. Their attendance had gone up, and visitors kept asked about the Facebook page.

I happily continued to run it for them through the year, until the page became so popular, and such an important part of their outreach, they needed someone in their organization to take it over. It was a gratifying outcome.


In 2012, Par8o wanted to launch in a splashy way.

Named for the economist, Vilfredo Federico Damaso Pareto, the company wanted to incorporate him into the branding. To do that, we used two  series on Twitter and Facebook, running concurrently.

We took pictures of a cardboard cutout of Pareto as a doctor in locations throughout Boston and Cambridge, to establish the company as locally based. I added the Par8o logo to the pictures, and tweeted them with quips about his tour of the area.

In addition, I wrote the #KnowPareto tweets, which were interspersed with the picture tweets, which sought to introduce the namesake to the public.

Items from the two series were then tweeted and posted in order, alternating with each other, and were woven in with items about the company itself, and links to blog posts on Par8o's website.

#KnowPareto Tweets

I was born in Paris in 1848, amid revolutions, to an exiled noble Genovese family. #KnowPareto

I started out as an engineer, and I made my nerdiness work for me. #KnowPareto

After a few drinks, you all start to appreciate my paper on the Fundamental Principle of Equilibrium in Solid Bodies. #KnowPareto

As a young man, I believed passionately in a completely unfettered free market. I was quite fiery, if you must know. #KnowPareto

I once denounced socialist leaders as an "aristocracy of brigands," which is far more eloquent than a lot of what you hear today. #KnowPareto

I studied sociology to understand why my economic theories didn't work out in practice. Turns out people don't always make sense. #KnowPareto

The ruling elite starts conservatively, then gradually turns to risk-taking and speculation as they become too comfortable. #KnowPareto

The risk-taking of the ruling elite inevitably ends in catastrophe, I'm afraid, and a new conservatism takes hold. #KnowPareto

"History is a graveyard of aristocracies." Yeah, I said that. Pretty badass, right? #KnowPareto

I found that 80% of the wealth and power in any given society was held by 20% of the people. A naturally occurring pattern. #KnowPareto

And, yeah, the fascists liked my rather harsh, Darwinian findings. And, okay, I kind of liked the fascists. #KnowPareto

Democracy is an illusion! A ruling class always emerged and enriched themselves. So why not just go fascist, right? #Um #KnowPareto

Fascist schmascist! I could never really commit. Just ask my wives! #KnowPareto

And, come to think of it, I was pretty fond of civil liberties and, of course, free markets. Why'd I like the fascists again? #KnowPareto

At any rate, I died less than a year into Mussolini's reign. How'd he do? Oh, really? That bad? #KnowPareto

I died in Geneva, surrounded by cats, in the company of my French lover. Beat that, Milton Friedman! #KnowPareto